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Pocket Quest

Join the ranks of Pocket Quest’s colorful fantasy world, where groups of heroes band together to battle for victory and glory against seven other players. With over a hundred different heroes, creatures, and monsters at your disposal, strategically combine their unique skills and abilities to create a powerful and original team that will surprise and defeat your opponents.


In-Game Inpressions

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Pocket Quest Characters

upgrades & Weapons

- Merge similar heroes to unlock new abilities and make them even stronger.
- Equip your heroes with magical armor and weapons, or surprise your foes with powerful elixirs that can turn the tide of battle.

Your unique Heroes

- Challenge up to 7 other players to battles as you strive to build the strongest and most unexpected team of knights, wizards, beasts, undead and more.
- Draft and recruit the heroes of your choice, taking into account how they complement your existing team and how they might hinder your opponents.

Beautiful environments

- Unlock new locations for your heroes to defend, each with their own unique properties, from lush green forest clearings to haunted graveyards.
- Witness breathtaking battles with stunning hand-drawn graphics and a unique art style that captures the essence of this colorful fantasy world.