User Manual


There are 4 divisions, Each division has its own color

Red: Armour Division
green: Artillery Division
Dark Blue: Navy Division
Light blue: Airforce Division


The battle card divisions each have 8 ranksĀ 

order from top to bottom are:

General = rank 1
Colonel = rank 2
Major = rank 3
Captain = rank 4
Lieutenant = rank 5
Sergeant = rank 6
Corporal = rank 7
Private = rank 8

1.1 Dealing the cards

  • The dealer shuffles the 32 Battle cards and the 16 Special cards. The 2 stacks are kept separated from each other
  • The dealer deals each player 4 battle cards

1.2 Playing a strike

  • The player left from the dealer or the winner of the last strike will start and play his/her card.
  • The Division (color) of the played card will be the set division for that strike.
  • All other players have to follow that division and play a card of that color if possible within a strike.
  • If a player does not have the set division (color) in hand, they have to play another division card from the hand of their choosing.
  • When all players have played their card during a strike round the end score of that round is determined 
  • The winner is the player with the Highest rank of the Set Division and therefore wins that strike round.
  • The player that has won the strike may now play his or her next card from its hand.

1.3 Winning the round

  • Playing a Strike repeats until the last card.
  • Winning the final strike decides the winner of the round.
  • Keeping the score using the tear off schematic