Final Strike - The Battle Card game
How does it work

Final Strike is an easy to learn fast passed battle card game where you battle your opponents to win the final strike. Its a game of strategy, luck and bluff. It combines the best bits of Stratego and Poker and an old Dutch card-game called Toepen. 

Get ready to use all your tactics and wit to master Final Strike!

Airforce Division

Final Strike – Airforce – Captain
Final Strike – Airforce – Corporal
Final Strike – Airforce – Major
Final Strike – Airforce – Colonel
Final Strike – Airforce – Lieutanant

Battle cards

a total of 32 battle card used during the main battle with each a unique illustration.

Special cards

16 Special cards to counter strikes with each unique abilities

Taunt cards

Taunt cards are multipliers to up the stakes when battling for a win for the final strike
Game explanation

Armour Division

Final Strike – Armour – Private
Final Strike – Armour – Major
Final Strike – Armour – Captain
Final Strike – Armour – Colonel
Final Strike – Armour – Lieutanant